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Technical Support Programs

Leading brands trust us to support their customers. Shouldn’t you? is the partner of choice for “white label” technology support for leading companies in retail, software, telecommunications, consumer electronics and the Internet of Things. We provide support on behalf of some of the biggest and best brands in the world, handling tens of thousands of support sessions a day for consumers with complex technology issues. With our scalable workforce of technology specialists and proven leadership in program design and execution, you can:

  • Boost your customer satisfaction scores to industry-leading levels
  • Increase the value of your core offerings and create new revenue streams
  • Differentiate and expand your product offerings
  • Increase the value of your warranty programs technology experts deliver high customer satisfaction

Full-time, exceptionally skilled and trained technology specialists are the backbone of our turnkey programs. They use our proprietary, highly-sophisticated cloud-based software to deliver branded service experiences that earn industry-leading customer satisfaction scores. We use an innovative work-from-home labor model that allows us to recruit the most qualified technicians and to scale rapidly for new programs and fluctuations in demand.

Six Sigma® quality programs ensure that we continuously improve our service delivery processes for outstanding customer support. For our customers with home security programs, is a licensed California Alarm Company Operator.

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Turnkey services for the entire customer lifecycle

Our most popular capabilities include:

Onboarding Services. End-user satisfaction starts with the “out-of-box” experience, and onboarding services make sure that their first moments with your technology are terrific ones.  We have a variety of services for onboarding your new customers, including:

  • Install and set-up services – Setup and configuration guidance for new computers, peripherals, mobile devices, and IoT hubs and devices for the connected home.
  • Network services setup – We help configure, connect and establish secure connections among computers, wireless networks and a wide variety of devices.

Problem Resolution.  At, we pride ourselves on solving customer issues quickly and on the first try, regardless of how complex they are.

  • Diagnosis and repair – We specialize in problems associated with viruses, spyware, network connectivity and software applications.
  • Warranty triage – can reduce warranty claims by identifying and resolving many issues remotely, preventing unnecessary and costly replacements and truck rolls.

IoT Support. The proliferation of connected devices and smart home systems is creating a variety of support challenges for technology brands, retailers and service providers. has the know-how to help you make a difference with a superior customer experience.

  • Home automation – We make sure your customers’ hubs and devices are set up to perfectly suit their personal needs.
  • Home security – We’re experts at helping customers set up their security systems to provide peace of mind and reduce false alarms.

Tech support packages at every price point with flexible turnkey offerings

We match your business model with your customers’ needs.  Our tech support programs
deliver a high-quality, consistent customer experience that enhances your brand.

Tech support services packaging options include:

  • Bundled tech support
  • Subscriptions and/or incident-based pricing
  • Immediate purchase and prepaid cards
  • Warranty attach
  • Referral

There’s only value if it works. Whether onboarding or resolving issues, we focus on ensuring that your customers know how to get the most value from your products. The more capabilities your customers are able to successfully use, the stronger the relationship becomes over time. And, we go to extraordinary lengths not just to resolve issues but to make sure your most precious assets – your customers – are delighted with you as a company.

The partner of choice for “white label” tech support for leading companies.

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