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How to Block Spam Phone Calls
Spam calls are a growing annoyance and security concern. This article reviews new services that allow consumers to identify and block these calls.
How to Prevent Malware on a Windows PC
Malware is easily downloaded on Windows machines, but a few simple tips can lock down your device and keep it secure.
What is the iPhone XR?
Released on October 26th, 2018, the Apple iPhone XR is the twelfth generation iPhone and is Apple’s new, cheaper, more colorful solution to their main iPhone.
How to Prevent Malware on an Android Phone or Tablet
Malware can be easily downloaded on Android devices but a few simple tips can lock down your device and keep it secure.
How to Prevent Malware on a Mac
Malware isn't as easily downloaded on Macs, but not impossible. A few simple tips can lock down your device and keep it secure.
Multiple Catastrophic Facebook Hacks Put Over 120 Million Users at Risk
Between September and November of 2018, hackers obtained personal information from over 120 million Facebook Users. Learn how to protect your account.
How to Set Up iCloud Cloud Storage
Learn to setup a iCloud account for cloud storage on your Apple device, to access your files from multiple devices and keep them safe in case of trouble.
How to Fix Weak WiFi Signal Coverage at Home
Fix weak WiFi signal by rebooting your devices, relocating them, reducing wireless interference or getting a WiFi repeater.
How to Stop Buffering Streaming Services on My TV
Your Internet connection can't seem to keep up with your TV. This guide will help you check and troubleshoot your home network for a better expirience.
How to Connect a Smartphone to a Car Stereo
Learn how to connect your phone to a car's stereo using a 3.5mm audio cable, USB cable, Bluetooth or other methods.
How to Track and Recover a Lost Smartphone
Learn how to setup Location Services on your Android, Apple, or Windows smartphone so you can locate your phone if it's misplaced or stolen.
How to Share Photos Online
This guide helps you learn the different methods of sharing photos online with or without social media.
The Difference Between Spotify and Apple Music
Thinking about trying out a streaming music service? Check out this brief article to help decide if Apple Music or Spotify is the service for you.
My Computer Is Slow or Freezing
Learn how to troubleshoot your Windows or Mac computer if it is performing slowly or completely freezing during use.
How to Prevent Malware on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
Malware isn't as easily downloaded on iPhones, iPads, and iPods, but is possible. A few simple tips can help you make sure your device is kept secure.
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