The Best Gift You’ll Give All Year

The Best Gift You’ll Give All Year

This Holiday Season Give the Gift of Unlimited Tech Support with TechSolutions by

The holiday season is in full swing and even if you’ve tackled most of the gifts on your list on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you likely still have at least a few people to shop for. Or maybe you’re just getting started.

Technology continues to be a popular choice for gift-giving. A Consumer Technology Association report on the 2019 holiday season predicts that over $97.1 billion USD will be spent on tech by the time the holidays are over, with laptops, smartphones, TVs, tablets, and wearables taking the top spots as most wanted tech gifts. From a new smart home security system to a voice control device, the latest video game system, fitness tracker, PC, laptop, phone, or drone – people are gifting tech more than ever before.

Gifting new tech is great, but how can you ensure that friends and family are able to use and enjoy their new devices for years to come? And what about gift recipients like grandparents – how can you ensure that they’ll be able to get started and use their new tech without issue? Searching for help online can consume hours of time trying to find answers that might not help, and you can spend hours waiting on the phone with customer service reps that don’t have the right technical expertise. The process of getting tech to work as it should can end up being a massive headache, diminishing what should have been a thoughtful gift to be easily enjoyed.

For over 20 years, has been providing technical support solutions for both businesses and consumers, developing the expertise, tools, and software solutions to support all the devices in the connected home. Leveraging this experience, we recently launched TechSolutions, which enables you to get expert tech support for any device – with any issue, at any time, any way you want support, whether it is on the phone, through chat, or through interactive, online DIY guides that offer step-by-step instructions for thousands of common tech problems. No matter where or when you bought your device, TechSolutions helps you get the most out of your technology 24/7.

Now, is excited to announce that you can gift a subscription of TechSolutions to friends and family, right in time for the holidays, with options for 6, 12 or 24 months of unlimited tech pro support. It’s the perfect gift for anyone getting a new tech product this holiday season – regardless of the brand or type of device, or for anyone who simply needs a helping hand with their technology. A TechSolutions subscription is great for everyone on your list, from the college kid who may need support in the middle of the night with their wireless printer, the teen getting a drone or gaming system this holiday season, the family with a DIY smart home or wireless audio system, or the grandparent that just got a new laptop or phone. Include a gift subscription with the tech you’re gifting or purchase it as a standalone gift for any tech-user in your life. A full year of TechSolutions support starts at $99.99, almost $100 cheaper than similar tech support services.

And the best part is — the gift plan can be bought and sent in a matter of minutes (all online) so it’s a perfect pick for the last-minute shopper.

Ready to get gifting? Head to to select your gift subscription today.