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Detailed options based on your needs:

iStock_000019966449LargeWant continuous support?
Try our ongoing service:

Starting at just $19.99/month*, enjoy total peace of mind with 24/7 technical support, every day of the year, for your computer and other connected devices. Ongoing support includes on-demand diagnosis and resolution of problems, including virus removal, network support, new device setup, and more. Available in monthly and annual support subscription plans. Can be purchased for a single user or multiple users.

*Monthly personal plans start at $19.99/month with a one-time $40 set-up fee. A 6 month minimum commitment applies. Family and annual plan options are also available, call for details.

Or try a one-time tech support service:

image1-blog-warranty-092614-400x266Computer not working properly? Diagnose and Repair – You no longer have to worry about your computer problems; let us worry for you. We’ll fix your issue remotely (with your permission, of course), instantly and securely to get you back up and running in no time. Get a thorough analysis of your computer – optimize speed, performance and fix any performance problems. Virus and spyware removal included at no extra charge:  $129.99 one-time fee


Trouble connecting to the network? Wireless Networking Support – This service includes on-demand diagnosis and resolution of networking problems as well as assisting in adding devices to your network and updating security.  $79.99 one-time fee


soft2Just want it to run better? Computer Tune Up – Improve the performance of your PC with a tune up service. Performance enhancements include removing unneeded files and operating system functions that take up memory, hard disk space, and computing power.  $79.99 one-time fee


Stumped getting started? Install and Setup –Let us sync your favorite gadgets to your network today. We’ll connect your printer, tablet, smart phone, TV, or other wifi enabled device to your network, set up syncing or apps, and ensure that everything works in harmony. We can set you up right now!   $49.99 one-time fee


customer using tablet What about your connected home? You want the devices and systems you buy to do what they’re supposed to, but let’s face it, it’s harder than it looks. Let us help answer your set up, install, activation and troubleshooting questions.


Need a service not listed here? is your own personal technology specialist, here for you when you need us. Get in touch for virtually any of your tech support needs.

Call 1-800-PC-Support (1-800-727-8776)

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