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Best Ways to Cable Manage Your Electronics
An informational guide regarding your Smart TV and choosing the right cable length for your different devices.
How Parental Controls Work
Overview of concepts used in Parental Control tools and links to specific instructions to set them up across a wide variety of devices and services.
How to Add More USB Ports to a Computer
Learn about different options to add more USB ports to your Windows or Mac computer if you've run out of ports for all your devices.
How to Block Spam Phone Calls
Spam calls are a growing annoyance and security concern. This article reviews new services that allow consumers to identify and block these calls.
How to Get Started with Smart Home Automation
Get started with smart home automation technology. There are many different smart home platforms and hubs out there. Which one is the best for you?
How to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure on Summer Vacation
Twelve ways to prepare, secure, monitor your house for vacation. New technologies to help you. And a final checklist before you head out.
How to Upgrade Hardware on a Computer
A guide for determining possible upgrades available for your Windows PC or Mac. Upgrade RAM, graphics card, CPU, power supply, hard drive, cooling, etc.
How to Use a Heyday Power Bank
Learn about your Heyday Power Bank, how to charge it up, how to check its charge level, and how to charge your devices with it.
Smart Lighting - An Easy Way to Get Started with Home Automation
Learn about smart lighting and why it's one of the easiest ways to get started with home automation. The article covers Philips Hue, C by GE, and Lutron Caseta.
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