Abandonment Rate

Callers will only remain on hold for so long before giving up and hanging up. The abandonment rate is the number of times this happens as a percentage of total calls, and this number has been rising industry-wide in recent years as tolerance levels among users have been plummeting. The two primary causes of high abandonment rates are 1) too few agents staffing the call center, and 2) too much time spent on individual calls. Another possibility is poor connections that cause calls to be lost. The latter are usually put in a separate category, called “drop rate,” but in many contact centers there’s no way to tell the difference. Ways to avoid high abandonment rates due to understaffing include deflecting calls to self-service and calling back customers instead of making them wait on hold. A better way is to avoid long hold times altogether through the use of work-from-home (WFH) agents in a Virtual Call Center. This is a highly flexible model that allows supervisors to easily bring on additional agents when demand rises unexpectedly. The best way to avoid high abandonment rates due to overly long calls is to optimize the support interaction process to shorten the duration of the calls. (See SIO)

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