Guidance in both contact centers and in customer self-service Cloud is omnichannel, cloud-based customer support software that reduces customer effort, maximizes the value customers get from products, and increases customer and agent satisfaction.
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Award-Winning Guidance for Customers and Agents

Customers are more demanding than ever, which means customer support faces rising expectations. Cloud was designed with key customer service pain points in mind, delivering intelligent guidance in both contact centers and in customer self-service to help solve customer issues faster and more effectively.

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Self-Support gives your customers the embeddable, step-by-step self-service they demand.

And at any time during the self-service journey, your customers can seamlessly transition to agent-assisted support.

All the context carries over, with previously taken self-service steps and relevant information from your CRM or ticketing system flowing into the agent support session – eliminating a top customer complaint of having to repeat information. 

Agent Support

Agent Support gives your reps the easy to follow, step-by step guidance and advanced remote support functionality to co-browse, remote control, and remote video their way into resolving customer issues faster and more effectively. Even turn support into sales by reducing customer effort and uncovering revenue opportunities.

Learn more about Agent Support, and check out our video on how we sync with systems like your CRM or ticketing software to increase agent productivity and deliver personalized customer support.


See the Problem to Solve the Problem

SeeSupport helps support teams resolve customer issues anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s smart home technology, everyday appliances, wearable devices, or even complex customer invoices, SeeSupport gets eyes on the problem – fast, helping to decrease product returns, reduce unnecessary field visits, or streamline quality control.

With real-time video from a customer’s smartphone or tablet camera, SeeSupport helps you see problems through the eyes of your customers or even your on-site field service personnel, so you can easily point them in the right direction.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Almost Too Good to Share

“I like the Cloud product and team so much, I don’t want to share them with anyone else.“

– Robert Bell, Technician Manager, PC Laptops

  • Read how Upclick, a leading e-commerce and premium technical support provider, was able to increase sales conversions by 17% by automating routine tasks and being able to remotely demonstrate to customers the value of their services.
  • Learn how a Fortune 250 multichannel video and broadband provider prevented on-site field service visits in 29% of cases where our SeeSupport technology was used during Agent Support, by getting “eyes on the problem”.

Customer Success is Our Priority

The Ultimate Benchmark

“ Cloud staff set the benchmark for our other vendors. It’s a pleasure to work with the team there.”

– Adam Young, Partner, Call Center Solutions, Inc.

We offer structured on-boarding programs led by experienced professionals, full training and integration expertise, and customized success milestones to help you meet your goals.

And with 24×7 support available from product and industry experts via phone, email, and chat, the Cloud team has you covered.

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