Playing the Blame Game
Playing the Blame Game

I love technology. My friends are not the least bit surprised when they walk in my house and the lights automatically turn on, or when I use voice commands to control a wide range of devices that punctuate my space. My best friend walked into the house over the weekend and to my dismay, my […]

Win Funding For Your Customer Service Project

Free Research Report from Forrester In the age of the customer, customer service must be a cornerstone of a company’s customer experience strategy. Customer service application pros must invest in modernizing their technology, and doing so requires a sound business case. This report, which is part of Forrester’s contact centers for customer service playbook, addresses […]

Drive Revenue, Please Customers By Connecting Customer Journeys

Free Research Report from Forrester In the old fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, the protagonists used bread crumbs to mark their trail home, but animals quickly ate them, leaving the pair lost in the wilderness. Customers who hop across channels can experience a similarly disjointed journey: All of the “bread crumbs” they leave as […]

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