It’s not a sale until the customer decides to keep it
It’s not a sale until the customer decides to keep it

Success can actually drive return rates higher for companies that are not prepared to support new purchases. Generally speaking, marketing campaigns focus on sales conversions without considering post-sale problems. In the age of online shopping and the Internet of Things (IoT), the new final stage of the sales cycle is the point at which the […]

CES 2017 – Spotlight on the Future of Tech Support

Every year in January, Las Vegas plays host to one of the largest trade events in the world — the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This global gathering of consumer technologies draws more than 175,000 people to look at the latest and greatest in tech offerings. Products range from new and improved home appliances to incredible […]

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Remote Video Support

We live in an era of “right now.” So why should customers settle for anything less when it comes to getting support for their products? Something that’s been making a splash in the world of customer support as of late is remote video support. It lets customer support reps see the problem in real time […]

October 21 DDoS Attack: Why This One Was Different

A Denial of Service (DoS) attack is simple in concept: A malicious party sends millions of innocent-looking requests to a company’s website in an attempt to so overwhelm the server that it not only has difficulty responding to legitimate requests, it crashes altogether. Think of a mob of thousands of pranksters trying to cram their […]

In the Connected World, Context is King

In the Internet of Things, and particularly in the sub-domain called the smart home, there is so much information flowing in all directions that just dealing with exceptions or trying to derive insights are no longer sufficient for the realization of all the potential value that exists. True utility is dependent on devices and systems […]

Why What we’ve Always Done won’t Work Anymore: The Special Challenge of Launching Products for the IoT

Like a car with an engine too powerful for its frame, much of today’s Internet of Things technology seems to be outstripping our capacity to use it effectively. Even at this early stage, predictions of continuing double-digit expansion in adoption of new connected devices are showing signs of being wildly optimistic: The enthusiasm shown by […]

CES® Takeaways: Support Plays Crucial Role in Innovation

What do the 150,000 visitors and 3,500 vendors who attended the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas have in common? You guessed it. Support. On the ICMI blog, our own SVP of Product, Sampath Gomatam, offers his take on how the diverse array of innovative connected devices impacts the support landscape. In addition to wearable […]

CES® Roundup: It’s All About Being Connected

Three Support Industry Trends to Watch After CES 2015 There’s nothing like an enormous consumer trade show like CES to get a read on the pulse of the technology industry. The CES theme of 2015 was “connected.” Attendees could hardly take more than a few steps through the two million square feet of exhibit space […]

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