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What I’m grateful for at

I’ll admit that I didn’t want to write this blog post. It’s my first post here at, and the first one is always the toughest. As a product manager, you’re measured by the success of your product and the happiness of your customers. While we’re just supposed to bring the donuts to the team to show that we appreciate them, that act is a bit more superficial than true reflection on their work, the environment, and product. I looked at other people’s blogs and Thanksgiving traditions and realized that this was easier than I thought… because I have so much to be thankful for.

The team – This is the best team I have ever worked with in my multiple decades of engineering and product management. The engineers, QA, UX and ops folks (generically, developers) work closely together to bring our cloud offering to market each sprint. Everyone on the team is knowledgeable and responsible while embodying egoless programming and agile principles. They live by the principle “the team is more powerful than a set of individuals.” I enjoy working with them and the products we create.

The awesomely simple UI of SeeSupport – Speaking of product, we launched a new product at the start of the year that makes it simple for an agent to connect to a consumer on a cellphone and visually walk through their problem and diagnose issues. The team took an older clumsier product, gave it a modern, clean UI/UX and created something beautiful. It can be taught in 60 seconds; it is so easy to use.

Informed consumers through shareable content – The team was faced with a problem from one of our customers, where that customer wanted to send call followups on problem diagnosis and tips to prevent problems. In one sprint, we designed a UX for this, provided a way for content authors to create followup content. It’s now trivial for the agent to see the “email step” button, know that there is content, click it, confirm the email address and the helpful tip for follow-up is instantly sent. By working as a team, we created something with both business and consumer impact within a single sprint.

Of course, I’m thankful for my wife, with whom I just celebrated 36 years together, my family, my daughter’s wedding, my grandson who lives just to shoot basketballs (at age 2), friends, neighbors, health, California weather, early rain and the ability to hike or bike in the mountains just miles from my house. Having a great team that creates great products makes the rest of a thankful life possible.

Charles Myers
Senior Director of Product Management

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