October 21 DDoS Attack: Why This One Was Different
October 21 DDoS Attack: Why This One Was Different

A Denial of Service (DoS) attack is simple in concept: A malicious party sends millions of innocent-looking requests to a company’s website in an attempt to so overwhelm the server that it not only has difficulty responding to legitimate requests, it crashes altogether. Think of a mob of thousands of pranksters trying to cram their […]

Why What we’ve Always Done won’t Work Anymore: The Special Challenge of Launching Products for the IoT

Like a car with an engine too powerful for its frame, much of today’s Internet of Things technology seems to be outstripping our capacity to use it effectively. Even at this early stage, predictions of continuing double-digit expansion in adoption of new connected devices are showing signs of being wildly optimistic: The enthusiasm shown by […]

The Need for Premium Tech Support Services in Digitally-Connected SMBs

A myriad of new technologies including mobile devices, cloud-based applications, and non-traditional computing platforms have made offices more digitally connected than ever before. This blog post discusses how digitally-connected offices have increased the need for premium tech support services for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Key Technology Challenges  Businesses of all sizes face the same […]

Technology Services Continue to Grow, Driven by Home Networking and Customer Experience

The growth in the usage of mobile devices and cloud-based services by consumers and small businesses, coupled with the rapid adoption of wireless networking, is driving the market for technology services. “In today’s world, customer experience has become paramount to every business’s success,” said James Morehead, Vice President Product Management and Corporate Marketing, Support.com. “With […]

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