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4 Trends Impacting Tech Support Productivity

PrintIf you and your tech support teams have been under increased pressure to deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction and keep call times flat, you are not alone. has identified 4 important trends that are keeping tech support teams busy today:

1)     Increase in product complexity. According to the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) benchmark survey of customer service executives, 65% of consumer technology products were “highly complex” in 2013, compared to 42% in 2003. An increase in product complexity can lead to higher problem resolution time. Moreover, some newer technologies are daunting to customers, increasing the number of support calls from frustrated customers requesting assistance to use or enable key functionality.

2)     Simple calls are successfully deflecting to tier 0 with self-service tools. Typical self-service tools include web pages with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), online support forums, online knowledge bases with articles and tutorials that address simple and common technical problems with software and hardware. As customers learn to adopt self-service, agent-assisted interactions will naturally become more complex.

3)     Explosion in knowledge base articles means important content is buried. As agile hardware and software development accelerate product changes, the sheer number of knowledge base articles can easily overwhelm the tech support team. With too many articles to choose from, techs are free to pick their own content – whether or not it is the most accurate and fastest solution for the customers’ issue.

4)     Lack of insight into agents’ process compliance. Support reps often follow their own best path, depending on experience, training and skillset. Plus, most call centers only capture minimal information about the tech support call and the customer experience, such as the call recording and agent notes. With such limited information, discovering critical process bottlenecks and blockers can be a time-consuming and manual process.

How do we know about these trends? Because our contact center with over 1,000 tech support agents experienced every one of them. We built Nexus® Service Platform based on our learnings from over 20 million tech support interactions and used it to reduce our own Average Handle Time (AHT) by 50%* while increasing our average NPS scores. Now we are offering Nexus to other contact centers to address their issues as well. Nexus Service Platform – Designed to reduce handle time and increase customer satisfaction

Cloud-based Nexus Service Platform (Nexus) takes your technical support to the next level with automation and analytics. Based on insights from over 20 million support interactions with consumers and businesses with connected technology, Nexus is designed for supporting today’s and tomorrow’s technology.

Increase 1st call resolution, and reduce call time by up to 50%* with Nexus:

    1. Automated workflows help agents solve problems quickly and on the first try by guiding and automating key steps.
    2. Ensure process compliance by capturing and learning what processes your reps are – or aren’t– following in problem resolution. Nexus captures step-by-step data of every support interaction and provides visual, easy to understand analytics for call center supervisors and executives.
    3. Remote support for today and tomorrow’s connected world. Access technology remotely – whether on Android™, iOS, PC, Mac®, networks and more.
4 Trends Impacting Tech Support Productivity
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4 Trends Impacting Tech Support Productivity
Description has identified 4 important trends that are keeping tech support teams busy today.
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