Security solved for home-based work

360° advanced verification

Homesourcing Cloud

A complete solution to stand-up secure, home-based environments for a globally distributed workforce. Homesourcing Cloud is built on a modern, cloud-based infrastructure with advanced security and protocols that enable BYOD (bring your own device).

License the fully integrated Homesourcing Cloud or key components.

What makes up the Homesourcing Cloud?


360-degree security for the home environment

  • Identity, location, device, and system verification with advanced biometrics
  • Clean desk enforcement and contacts detection using environmental scans
  • Advanced 2-way data encryption
  • HIPAA, PCI compliance
  • Workbench toolbar integration that ensures secure connections to internal resources


integrated tools to drive agent performance and efficiency

  • Guided Paths® platform + library: dynamic, self-support tool to facilitate speed to proficiency during agent training. Also used by agents during customer calls to boost productivity, reducing AHT.
  • SeeSupport: real-time video or image sharing between customers and agents. Available via browser, mobile, or tablet. Agents can see what customers see and annotate or describe specific instructions to resolve issues.
  • Remote device support: enable agents to remotely solve a customer’s issue. Customers grant permission to establish a secure connection with an agent that can be severed at any time.


complete CRM solution that enhances agent interactions

  • Ticketing system integrated with omnichannel agent tools (ExpertToolkit) and skills-based routing
  • Seamlessly connect with customers wherever they are: phone, chat, SMS, social, email, and virtual house call capabilities.
  • Robust API’s for integration and rich data export capabilities
  • Rich analytics and dashboards that showcase AHT, program performance, and KPIs


  • Advanced validation: agent, data, and environment
  • Reduced time to stand-up a program with BYOD
  • Reliability with a cloud-based platform unaffected by local conditions
  • Improved agent performance and productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • HIPAA and PCI compliant

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