Personalize support & integrated workflows with Salesforce
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Utilize Salesforce Automation Tools with Less Effort and More Impact leverages customer information from Salesforce Service Cloud and your other data systems of record to give support agents guidance that’s automatically tailored to the customer.

Business Benefits

  • Guided Paths® provide step-by-step support and service consistency, integrating with Salesforce Knowledge to provide a seamless and comprehensive set of content that solves customers’ problems quickly
  • Dynamic Decision Points provide the informed guidance agents need all in one place – without having to find and interpret disparate customer data and relevant support knowledge
  • Personalize support with integrated workflows based on account history, product information, device status, and more – and writers, admins, or designers can tweak them with no developer needed
  • With for Salesforce Service Cloud, agents receive a unified view of the support information they need. The step-by-step guidance of Guided Paths resides in the Salesforce interface, leveraging Salesforce Knowledge and synthesizing data from outside sources (like telemetry or warranty systems) for disparate customer information to help close cases faster and with less customer effort.

    Agents save time with Guided Paths that automatically display based on the customer case information. They can also search for Guided Paths right within the app – no need to leave the Salesforce environment.

    Plus, with less developer intervention, reduces the need for system integrators, making it easier to transition from deployed support software to the power of Salesforce Service Cloud.

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