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Users Weigh In: TechSolutions by Support.com Makes Using All of The Tech in Your Home Easier and Frustration-Free

We recently announced TechSolutions by Support.com — a service that offers consumers one place to turn to for help in solving tech problems with all of their connected devices. We launched TechSolutions to better address consumer needs for tech support and to leverage our expertise providing tech support solutions for connected devices. For over 20 years, Support.com has provided technical support solutions to businesses and consumers, developing the tools, proprietary software, and institutional knowledge for all the devices in the connected home.

TechSolutions helps consumers solve any tech issue, on any connected device, no matter where or when they bought it. TechSolutions helps consumers solve a wide range of issues — including choosing the right tech for them, problems with setup/configuration, troubleshooting, or learning new features, and even ensuring their devices work well together. TechSolutions provides the tools consumers need to diagnose and resolve issues on their own, with the option to call or chat with a tech expert, called a Tech Pro, when they need extra help. Online DIY guides called Guided Paths® offer solutions to thousands of common tech problems across all brands and devices.

The popular consumer tech website, CNET, recently called TechSolutions “the perfect gift” for anyone in the family facing tech hurdles and said “the service seems like a fantastic option. One very reasonable price for an entire year of unlimited tech support? Yes, please.”

We recently heard from users who have used TechSolutions to solve tech issues across the smart home, including PCs, mobile phones, virtual assistants, video doorbells, gaming and more – and the verdict is in: TechSolutions is the subscription service that checks all the boxes for the best support experience for the Connected Home. Here’s what users have to say:

TechSolutions brings real value and problem-solving to the connected home

  • “I love how easy TechSolutions is to use…I can think of other times where I’ve been stuck on how to fix a tech issue and this would have been so incredibly handy!”
  • “The (Guided Path) started with some very basic instructions in terms of what to do, such as move closer to your phone. It seems straightforward to some, but small touches like this make the service a perfect solution for users with all kinds of backgrounds and familiarity with technology.”

The online DIY tools, or Guided Paths, are easy-to-use and understand

  • “The Guided Paths were detailed, clear and easy to understand, and helped me walk through my issues step-by-step.”
  • “The photos in the guides are so simple to follow, as are the step-by-step instructions.”
  • “The organization of the Guided Paths under the categories is logical, making devices easy-to-sort through and easy to get started solving my problems.”
  • “The steps (in the Guided Paths) are logical, well laid-out, and clearly illustrated.”
  • “The Guided Path for this is very in depth and covers a whole slew of options. The link out to the Microsoft Xbox Live Service Status page works properly and describes what is on that Microsoft page well. As a regular Xbox player, I actually had no idea that page existed and am very happy to have been introduced to it.” (Guided Path: How to Fix Game Install Issues on Xbox One)

Dedicated, friendly, and committed Tech Pro experience

  • “Both the Guided Paths and agent experience were excellent – this is the kind of support you hope that you’ll get when you call in to a company!”
  • “The phone experience was great…they were patient, kind, and courteous!”
  • “The agent was empathetic and used the instructions that the Guided Path provided, but also thought of different ways to complete tasks to avoid having to clear device settings or cause unnecessary challenges.”
  • “The agent I worked with was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. He went the extra mile and recommended an app for iOS that will automatically turn off cellular data when I’m at home, which I didn’t even know was a thing. Big bonus points there!”
  • “The agent made me feel like my problem mattered, and that is something you rarely get in the tech support world anymore. When I think about the kind of support help I’d like my mom to get, this is what I would want for her.”

Ready to get started with TechSolutions? Head over to sprtteststage.wpengine.com to learn more. And now, you can give TechSolutions as a gift — great for all the people in your life who need an extra helping hand with their tech. Browse Gift Plans at sprtteststage.wpengine.com/gift-plans-and-pricing.