The Customer Success Champions Team: Bringing Concierge-Style Service to Tech Support

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By: Eric Hagen, Vice President, Contact Center Operations has always approached customer support differently, and now we are proud to continue our trailblazing in the tech support industry with our new Customer Success Champions Team.
Comprised of dedicated and passionate top performers, the new Customer Success Champions Team is helping further disrupt the customer support industry by bringing a higher level of personalized, devoted service to those seeking help with their connected devices.

What is the Customer Success Champions Team?

The Customer Success Champions Team provides every customer—whether they are a client with a subscription package or are a one-time user—with a concierge-style experience.

For every customer who calls into, their first point of contact will be a Customer Success Champion who will treat each case with a tailored, white-glove approach to ensure every customer gets the specific help they need.

How Does it Work?

Suppose a customer calls in about an issue with their smartphone. The Customer Success Champion would talk with them first to glean the necessary information to understand the customer’s specific problem. They would then stay on the line while they connect the customer with the technician who has the specific experience and expertise to solve the customer’s problem. If a specific technician isn’t available at the time, the Customer Success Champion will schedule a callback time for the customer at a date and time that is most convenient for them.

What Makes it Different?’s Customer Success Champions Team ensures that every customer begins their journey with a high-energy, compassionate voice who is there to guide them to resolution as quickly as possible.

Unlike most call centers, which employ IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems to field customer calls, the Customer Success Champions Team likens tech support to a friendly chat with a relative or neighbor. Customers don’t have to struggle to relay their problem to an automated system or tolerate being passed off from one unhelpful agent to the next. Instead, the Customer Success Champions Team leads the customer down a curated, hurdle-free path of support with minimal transfers, ensuring the customer has a tailored tech support experience and only speaks with the technical experts who can actually resolve their problem.

Customer Success Champions also help customers find answers to any pre-sale questions they may have, like determining which tech is compatible with the connected devices they already own.

Meet the Inaugural Customer Success Champions

Adrien Fox, Associate Operations Manager at, calls the initial team of Customer Success Champions “our astronauts,” as the team is taking on a new approach to customer support that has never been tried before—an approach that truly puts the customer first, prioritizing their needs over ineffective attempts to streamline the process with automation, AI, or chatbots.

What do these top performers have to say about their new roles as part of the Customer Success Champions Team?

  • David S., with since 2016
    “With TechSolutions, I get to have customers who become regulars and just catch up with them and see how they’re doing. One customer told me he really felt like he had his own personal concierge—he said it was awesome.”
  • Justin S., with since 2017
    “I like the fact that I am the first voice that the customer hears when they call, and I understand there is a lot of responsibility with that. It’s a new chapter for, and I am lucky to be a part of it—I would like concierge-style customer support for myself as a customer!”
  • Elizabeth V., with since 2017
    “Previously, I was the training supervisor, and I love being able to talk to customers again. It’s fun to understand their needs and help them get where they need to go. That’s what our focus is: getting them the best solution possible.”
  • Vicki P., with since 2013
    “This new approach to tech support—it’s something that’s needed. For people who might feel a little ‘old’ trying out new tech, there’s a fear to not understanding it, and I get that. They depend on us, and I’m happy to do the very best I can for them to make the process easier.”

The tech support industry has seen far fewer changes overtime than the customer deserves, and the few upgrades attempted over the last few years have come in the form of frustrating chatbots and AI “quick fixes” that prioritize company cost-control rather than the customers seeking help.

It has long been’s mission to reverse this trend and turn customer support into a productive, personalized experience that delights customers and solves their problems in a timely, straightforward manner. Now with the concierge-style, white-glove approach of the new Customer Success Champions Team, is taking its commitment to personalized tech support to the next level, and will continue to grow the Customer Support Champions Team as customer demand increases to maintain the existing high-quality, concierge-style support.