Introduces TechSolutions, a Better Tech Support Experience from Start to Finish

Better Tech Support Experience from Start to Finish

Technology is wonderful but can also be complicated. On average, consumers have more than 101 connected devices in their home across multiple brands and platforms. With so many devices, users are increasingly running into issues from setup and troubleshooting to product interoperability, to deciding which device is right for them. As connected devices proliferate and consumers face a wide range of tech issues, where is the single place they can turn to for unbiased advice and help? The answer is TechSolutions.

For over 20 years, we’ve been providing technical support solutions for both businesses and consumers, developing the expertise, tools, and software solutions to support all the devices in the connected home. With our launch of TechSolutions, consumers can now get tech support for any device – with any issue, any time, and any way they want support, whether it is on the phone, through chat, or through online, DIY guides. No matter when or where consumers bought their devices, TechSolutions can help.

Our mission is to help people get the most out of their technology – and that goes beyond just troubleshooting. We’re leveraging our many years of experience delivering premium tech support to deliver an intuitive, integrated, and seamless tech support solution where consumers can resolve their tech issues all from one place, any way they want.

Better Experts and Smarter Tools for Anytime, Anywhere Tech Support

Today,’s main website becomes the home for our just-launched TechSolutions, our new and improved direct-to-consumer offering that gives consumers a place to turn to for help in solving tech problems with the connected devices that they use every day. TechSolutions helps consumers solve any tech issue, on any connected device — including help with choosing the right tech for them, setup/configuration, troubleshooting, learning new features, and ensuring their devices work well together. TechSolutions provides the tools consumers need to diagnose and resolve issues on their own, with the option to call or chat with a tech expert, called a Tech Pro, when they need extra help.

Our approach combines a robust library of interactive, online DIY guides with friendly Tech Pros who have deep technical expertise to deliver a full-integrated tech support experience. Consumers can choose how they want to get help from the Tech Pro – both phone and chat options are available 24/7. Consumers can also request a virtual house call where a Tech Pro remotely connects to their device to solve the issue for them. With SeeSupport, our Tech Pros can see exactly what the consumer sees using their smartphone or tablet camera, helping to solve even the most difficult technical problems.

TechSolutions’ library of free, easy-to-find and follow self-support tools called Guided Paths® delivers the most robust, accessible, and effective self-support solution available on the market. If a user is not able to resolve their technology issue using a Guided Path, they can seamlessly access a Tech Pro who can take over where they left off in the process. Our intelligent software enables Tech Pros to see what steps a user has already taken, so customers never have to repeat steps or explain what they have already done.

A Wide Range of Tech Support Services to Suit Every Need, Every Step of the Way

Our new and improved offering, TechSolutions, provides consumers affordable, 24/7 access to expert tech support via phone, chat, virtual house calls, or step-by-step DIY guides. Our Tech Pros utilize our proprietary software and market-tested tools to help consumers get the most out of their technology. And, there is no risk to try our premium tech support plans – if we don’t fix it, users don’t pay – we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. continues to provide tech support services to both small and large, Enterprise businesses. Our SMB tech support plans help small businesses keep their technology running smoothly, addressing challenges including setup and troubleshooting, connectivity or interoperability problems, virus remediation, and more. offers outsourced technical support services to Enterprise customers, including pre-sale and post-sale support across all the devices in the connected home.