Agent Profile: David Shetter

Agent Profile: David Shetter

Solving tech problems around the U.S. with a work-from-home position at

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Based in Colorado, David Shetter calls himself a big tech and gaming fan who has turned his passion for all things consumer tech into an enduring career.

His journey into the tech support world began back at Colorado State University, where he worked part time in the IT department during his studies. Now at, where he’s worked for the last ten years, David gets to tackle tech support from a new angle, helping consumers firsthand instead of working through departments — but his respect for the tech support game is still the same: “It’s just nice helping people,” he says. “You get to see them angry when their tech isn’t working, but then you get to see them better when you fix it — that’s always nice to help someone.”

Another big perk of David’s gig at is the work-from-home lifestyle. Like many of our Tech Pros, David likes the ease of being able to work in an environment that he can control: “I don’t have to worry about bringing or buying a lunch. I don’t have to waste an hour commuting every day. I can go downstairs for five minutes and take care of my dog and take her for a walk—that convenience is a huge plus.”

Besides adding comfort and ease to his day, David says working from home with also helps him do his job better. “At home, I’m in a more comfortable space. And when you can be cool and calm and relaxed, you can help your customers relax more easily, too. As for the customer, they don’t have to hear ten other agents in the background on the phone — that’s a huge headache for them that I can eliminate by working from home.”

What David says he likes best about working with is simply being able to help the average Joe, which he credits as the reason why he has been working in the tech support game for so long — and he really cares about getting it right. “I think of it like I’m a mechanic: ‘These are the things you can do to help avoid problems in the future, like rebooting your computer, not having so many tabs open, etc.’”

Working from home does mean that you lose some face-to-face time with your colleagues, he admits, but David says takes steps to help Tech Pros feel more tight-knit, like holding frequent virtual team meetings. But unlike his days working for other companies, David appreciates the lack of bureaucracy at, where he says he can see results right away.

After a long tenure in the tech support industry, David certainly knows his way around the consumer tech world — and he says the work-from-home position at is the best place for him to lend his help to others.