Basics to Start Your Connected Home


Connected homes are all the rage nowadays and it’s easy to see why. Anyone who has Wi-Fi is eligible to build their connected home.

For those who are out of the loop (it’s okay- we don’t judge!), Lifewire defines a connected home as one that “puts computer network technology to use for the added convenience and safety of families.” The term is also interchangeable with “smart home”.

Simply put, a connected house will make your life easier by giving you control of all your internet-connected devices through your smartphone. It’s so popular that in 2019, 33% of American households own at least one smart home device. That percentage quickly rose to 43% in 2021 when all activities went online during the pandemic.

It’s safe to say that connected homes are fast becoming the norm. If you want to set up your smart home but have no idea where to start, don’t worry. has got your back with all the basic smart home devices you need for your very own connected home.

Bump Up Your Home Security

Turning your home into a connected one doesn’t just make it more convenient; it also makes it a lot safer.

Smart home security devices have modern safety features that strengthen your home’s defenses. Put your mind at ease by adding these tech-gadgets to your security system:

Smart lock
Fumbling around your bag for your house keys will be a thing of the past. With a smart lock installed, you can unlock your door through voice command, fingerprint scanner, or smartphone app. Thanks to these modern security layers, it’s now easier for you to enter and harder (and nearly impossible) for burglars.

For smart lock brands, check out August and Kwikset.

Smart doorbell
Smart doorbells can help filter out unwanted guests. Through your phone or monitor, you can see the person on the other side of the door without having to open it.

Check out Ring, Nest by Google, and August for smart doorbell brands.

Smart home security system
This will come in handy when you go away on vacations or long trips. Modern security systems come complete with features like door sensors and motion sensors that can alert authorities about intruders. They also allow integration with other smart home devices when connected to the internet so you can monitor or control them from afar.

For home security systems, you can look at Ring Alarm Pro, SimpliSafe Home Security System, and Nest Secure Alarm System.

Security camera
Nowadays, having a security camera is a necessity. There are indoor and outdoor security cameras that let you check activity within and around your household.

Depending on the model you get, security cameras often show 360-degree views and can record and store footage on a memory card or cloud service. Vivitar, Vivint, and Ring are some of the most reliable security camera brands out there.

Enable voice control with smart speakers

A smart speaker is also a must-have for the connected home. Its integration with voice assistants like Alexa, Google, or Siri allows you to use voice commands.

What’s even cooler is that you can also connect it with your other smart home devices and control them through voice commands. For instance, you can turn off your connected smart bulb or appliances connected to a smart plug just by speaking.

Amazon’s line of Echo speakers that come with Alexa is popular, as are Google Nest and Apple Homepod.

Keep cool (or warm) with a smart thermostat

No need to get up in the middle of the night to tinker with your air conditioner or heater. With a smart thermostat, you can control your air conditioning or heating system through your phone.

Honeywell, Ecobee, and Google Nest have some nice smart thermostats you can choose from.

There you have it. Those are the basic devices you need to start your connected home. Just remember that these devices can only do so much. You will still be the one to install them and routinely update their software to keep them in their best state.

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