Radically improve customer experience & operational performance
Technology support software and services

Support.com® Cloud software for contact center optimization

Software and technology vendors can license our Support.com Cloud software to enhance their contact center operations. Support.com Cloud Agent Support and Self-Support enable groundbreaking levels of automation and analytics that radically improve customer experience and operational performance.

  • Increase first call resolution and reduce AHT
  • Workflow automation that codifies the best practices of your highest-performing techs and ensures compliance with standard operating procedures
  • Agent console for remote support and problem resolution

“As leaders in implementation of complex software, consistent and high-quality processes are critical for us,” said Steve Zimba, CEO of Mural. “We are pleased with our rollout of Nexus and are seeing real value from Guided Paths® for our agents and interaction analytics for our management team, enabling us to continuously improve the support we provide for our customers.”

Steve Zimba
CEO of Mural

Support.com® Services -- Turnkey programs for software and technology support

With insights gained from over 20,000 support interactions per day, Support.com’s technology specialists deliver a fully branded experience. We offer our customers comprehensive “white label” consumer and small business technology service programs so you can:

  • Create new, profitable revenue streams. Consumer and small business customers will pay for technology services, including set up, synchronization, troubleshooting & repair, education and enablement.
  • Create long-term recurring relationships. Our platform enables technology companies to effectively sell and bill monthly subscriptions, enabling them to create long-term revenue relationships.
  • Monetize out-of-scope calls. Transform out-of-scope calls into revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Leverage technology services to reduce “No Fault Found” returns. Our technology services can improve the out-of-the-box experience and reduce costly NFF returns while improving customer satisfaction.

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