Tech support software and services for a connected world
Technology support software and services

Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group predicts 50 billion total devices by 2020.

Support is the key to product success

As Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Home products continue to gain popularity, retailers, device manufacturers and application providers will need to pay close attention to how the IoT is going to be supported. Consumers are going to need help getting these new devices and systems up and running, and will also need assistance resolving post-installation problems that inevitably occur.

New Rules for a New World: Five Support Imperatives That Can Save the Internet of Things

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The Smart Home provides new opportunities and challenges for technology support

Home automation products create even more value for the consumer by tying the products into other devices in the home – the webcam to the home security system, the refrigerator to the home health monitoring system, the lighting system to the home security system, and so many more. All of this interconnectedness, however, boosts complexity for on-boarding and ongoing support exponentially, to the point where it’s often difficult to pinpoint which vendor is responsible for addressing a particular issue. works with leading brands in this new and exciting industry to provide:

  • Turnkey enablement and technical support programs
  •® Cloud optimization software for vendors providing support through their own contact centers.

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Expanding to the Home Network:

The Evolution of Premium Support

Get the White Paper Now Cloud enables onboarding and ongoing support of home automation systems. Nest is a registered trademark of Google Inc., used with permission. Installation and Onboarding for the Internet of Things and Home Automation

At, we provide technology support software and services for a connected world. From home automation to gateways to smartphones, our customers sell, enable, and support millions of devices that exist within an ever more complex ecosystem.

As our customers innovate with new products for the Internet of Things, Cloud software for support interaction optimization (SIO) enables groundbreaking levels of automation and analytics that radically improve customer experience and operational performance.

  • Workflow automation that codifies the best practices of your highest-performing agents and ensures compliance with your policies and procedures
  • Sophisticated remote access tools
  • Advanced interaction analytics that help you continually optimize the flows Cloud Software and Services for Contact Center Technology Support

Our technology services teams are experts at designing and executing turnkey support programs for home automation, and our Personal Technology Experts® are highly proficient at resolving issues in a complex ecosystem. Our teams have worked with leading home automation vendors to develop new programs for onboarding and ongoing support.

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