Supporting broadband, phone, video and smart home needs
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We know your business cold has successfully launched major consumer and small business technology service programs with leading communication providers to support broadband, telephony, video and home automation needs.

For communication providers looking to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction, each support call presents a powerful opportunity. Whether you’re supporting basic networking issues, monetizing out of scope calls or powering home security automation, providing premium support and creating a great customer experience helps increase loyalty and reduce subscriber churn.® Services -- Turnkey Programs for Communication Providers

We have successfully implemented major consumer and small business turnkey technology service programs for leading communication providers. With programs built on our patented® Cloud contact center software, mobile and desktop apps, a scalable workforce of technology specialists and proven expertise in program design and execution, we create high margin revenue streams for partners while delivering a top quality, consistent customer experience that enhances the provider’s brand.

Deepen customer engagement and loyalty while managing the scope of free support and expand subscription offerings. Transform out-of-scope calls into revenue and enhance your ongoing relationship with consumers and small businesses.

Microsoft Corp., 2012

We do the work. You reap the benefits.

We offer our partners turnkey consumer and small business technology service programs that:

  • Provide expertise in program design and execution in communications and telco
  • Transform out-of-scope calls into revenue-generating opportunities
  • Reduce core services churn. Letting us become the trusted advisor for subscribers on technology issues can deepen customer engagement and loyalty and reduce core services churn.
  • Leverage our scalable workforce of technology specialists with proven expertise in broadband and home automation technologies Cloud enables productivity and new insights in the contact center. Nest is a registered trademark of Google Inc., used with permission. Cloud software for contact center technology support optimization

Communications providers can also leverage our Cloud  software for their contact center workforce. Cloud Agent Support and Self-Support enable groundbreaking levels of automation and analytics that can dramatically improve customer experience and operational performance.

  • Increased first call resolution and reduced AHT
  • Workflow automation that codifies the best practices of your highest-performing techs and ensures compliance with standard operating procedures
  • Agent console for remote support and problem resolution

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