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How to Use an ASUS RP-AC55 WiFi Repeater

Authored by: Tech Pro Team
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In This Guide
You'll Learn:
  • About the benefits of utilizing a Range Extender in your home.
  • How your Range Extender works.
  • How to connect your devices to your Range Extender's wireless network.
Before We Begin:
  • Have your Range Extender setup.
  • Be in the same home as your Range Extender.
  • Have the ASUS Extender app installed on your smartphone or tablet.

1 What Is A Range Extender?

A Wi-Fi Range Extender provides a way to extend your network further. It listens to your current Wi-Fi network signal, and relays it to further areas of your home. It provides a second network that relays your Wi-Fi to an area that didn't get good signal before.

A good way to think about it is like a 'repeater' or a 'bucket brigade'; taking the signal from the router, boosting it so another device can 'hear' it better, and extending it further away than your router can go by itself.

Visual Example

Without Range Extender
Without Range Extender
With Range Extender
With Range Extender
Generally, using your range extender will be just like using the Wi-Fi provided by your regular router. But instead of connecting to your home network's Wi-Fi network, you'd connect to the extender's Wi-Fi network, which would be forwarded on for you.
The 'extra network' your Range Extender provides is usually a very similar name to your normal Wi-Fi network name, but with "_EXT" at the end.

2 App Status

The Asus Extender app can provide status of your Asus RP-AC55 directly on the first screen, once you open it.
Asus Extender

Network Map
Asus Extender - Network Map section

Internet Status
Internet StatusInternet status will show if your router is Connected or Disconnected from the Internet.
Router statusRouter will show if your router is responding, and if it supports the feature, the model of your router.
ExtendersExtenders shows how many extenders were found on your home network, so you can easily tell if one is offline, if you use multiple extenders.

Extender Information
Extender Information

Extender Model and IP
Extender name and IPThe first line shows model of your extender, as well as the internal IP address it's using on your home network.
Shows the Network Name your extender is broadcasting that Wi-Fi devices will use to connect.
Sign in to device
Allows you to re-setup or change the setup the extender.

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