How to Use a TP-Link Kasa Cam


In This Guide
You'll Learn:
  • How to use your TP-Link Kasa Cam.
You'll Need:
  • Your TP-Link Kasa Cam to be already set up.

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In This Guide
You'll Learn:
  • How to use your TP-Link Kasa Cam.
You'll Need:
  • Your TP-Link Kasa Cam to be already set up.

Available features and options may vary slightly based on the camera's model number.The mobile app layout may also vary based on the installed version or mobile operating system.

  1. Launch the Kasa Smart app.
    Kasa Smart.
  2. When you launch the app, it will show all your smart home devices including your cameras. From this view you can turn the cameras on or off by tapping the toggle buttons on the right side.
    Camera toggle buttons highlighted in Kasa Smart app.
  3. To view the cameras only, go to the Cameras tab. There you'll see a live feed of all your cameras.
    Cameras tab highlighted in Kasa Smart app.
  4. Tap a camera name in the Devices tab or a live feed in the Cameras tab for more options.
  5. From there you can:
    • View the live camera feed in fullscreen (1)
    • Have a two-way conversation (2) with anyone in front of the camera
    • Schedule (3) automatic turn on or off events for the camera
    • Or configure the camera settings (4).
    Camera options highlighted and annotated in Kasa Smart app.
  6. From the Device Settings screen you can configure the camera the way you prefer.
    Device Settings screen in Kasa Smart app.
  7. You can configure several settings such as:
    • Camera Power - Turn the camera on or off
    • Device Name - Set the camera name and location
    • Activity Zones - Set areas on the camera view that should be monitored for movement
    • Privacy and Sensitivity - Choose whether you want to record video or audio, set the motion detection sensitivity and recording frequency
    • Video Quality - Choose the video resolution and quality
    • Video Rotation - Choose whether the camera is installed normally or on a ceiling
    • Night Vision - Choose how you want the night vision to kick in
    • Status LED - Turn the status light on the front of the camera on or off.
  8. To check your camera's history go to the Activity tab where you'll see all the detected motion events and triggered recordings.
    Activity tab highlighted in Kasa Smart app.
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