This guide will walk you through using your JBL Link 10 speakers.
J B L Link 10

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diagram showing buttons on top of speaker
diagram showing back of speaker and functions

Bluetooth This button will enable/disable Bluetooth.
Volume Down This button will lower the volume.
Power This button will turn the power on/off.
Mute Unmute Microphone This button will mute or unmute the built in mic.
Volume Up This button will raise the volume.
Play Pause This button will allow you to pause/resume audio playback.

First, make sure your speaker is adequately charged before powering on.

  1. Lift the rubber flap to expose the charging port of your speaker.
  2. Connect the micro USB cable into the charging port of your speaker. The other end must be connected to a USB charging block or a powered USB port to charge the speaker.
    Charge port

    Depending on the method being used to charge your speaker, charging times will vary. Charging your speaker to full takes approximately 4 hours.

    Always remember to firmly replace the rubber flap on your Link 10 when the charging port is not in use. This flap is part of what allows your Link 10 to achieve its IPX7 water resistance rating.

The five lights above the power button on the rear of the speaker indicate how much battery life remains on your speaker.
JBL power button lights.

In order for Google Assistant to work, your JBL Link 10 must be connected to Wi-Fi.

Voice Activation

  • The Google Assistant functionality is voice activated. You can use the wake up command Hey Google, or OK Google to activate the assistant.
  • Optionally you can press the Google Assistant button on your speaker.
    diagram of speaker with top view and the google assistant button is highlighted
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