This guide will help you resolve basic problems with your LG SJ4Y sound bar.
LG SJ4Y soundbar.

  1. Make sure your sound bar is turned on.
  2. Make sure the proper output is selected on your television.
  3. Make sure the cable from your television is connected to the television and the sound bar.
  4. Push the Function F button on the top of the remote till the proper input is selected.
    LG SJ4Y remote with Function button highlighted. Diagram.
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The Auto-On feature only works for Optical and LG Wireless Sound Sync from your TV, or with Bluetooth devices that have already been paired.

  1. Make sure your speaker is turned on.
  2. Press the Auto Power On button on your remote.
    LG SJ4Y remote with auto power on highlighted. Diagram.

Your speaker will automatically turn itself back off when you are done using it. If you turn your soundbar off with the Power button, this feature will be disabled, and Auto-On will have to be enabled again.

Your subwoofer must be within 30 feet of your soundbar for it to work.

  1. Turn off your soundbar.
  2. Using a bent paperclip or a pen, push the pair button on the back of your subwoofer.
    Pressing the pairing button on subwoofer. Illustration.
  3. Turn on your soundbar.
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