Homesourcing model

Homesourcing is better than hybrid

We are 100% committed to remote work – globally.

Everything in our homesourcing model is designed for our remote workforce — from the people we hire and the processes we use, to the technology platforms that keep us connected, productive, and secure.

Why homesourcing?

With no brick-and-mortar, no commuting, and a cloud-based infrastructure, homesourcing is better for clients, better for employees, and better for the planet.

Always-on Support for True Business Continuity

24/7 global service delivery from home-based experts.

On-demand Scalability and Flexible Scheduling

Quicker ramp times for volume spikes and seasonality.

Global Network of Agile, Experienced Experts

Exceptional full-time and part-time talent, all over the world.

Security Solved for the Home-based Workforce

Advanced security for identity and clean desk verification.

Domain Expertise in Tech, Consumer, Healthcare

IoT natives and experienced early adopters.

A Better, Sustainable Model

A global leader in sustainability with a 100% home-based workforce.

100% Homesourcing

For over 20 years, we’ve refined our homesourcing model to provide secure, agile solutions with a global network of home-based experts.

Leadership team

with decades of experience managing a remote workforce

A global network

of experienced, agile employees (experts) that thrive working from home

E.X.P.E.R.T. culture

that keeps everyone connected, productive, and accountable


global operating playbook to deliver consistently excellent and tailored support programs with home-based employees.

Core components:

Talent Acquisition, Academy, Expert Connect, Workforce Optimization, and SecureHub


Dynamically route volume across a global network of experienced, agile experts based on a client’s unique needs.

Homesourcing Cloud

is a comprehensive, secure technology platform with the tools and resources to operationalize a global, home-based workforce – all from the cloud.

Core components:

SecureHub, ExpertToolkit, and ExpertCRM


Reliably stand-up a secure home-based environment quickly, from anywhere in the world.


Think Global. Act Local.

The ExpertAnywhere playbook enables to stand-up customized engagement programs with experts around the world to achieve extraordinary results

What makes up ExpertAnywhere?

  • Hyper-targeted recruiting, at scale
  • Hire for specific skills, licensure, industry/product knowledge, experience, efficiency, etc.
  • Best fit to succeed in the work-from-home model
  • Remote-first training and on-boarding
  • Multimodal training tools optimized for adult learners
  • Proprietary Guided Paths ® platform for self-led learning
  • Dynamically route volume based on program requirements
  • Flexible scheduling responsive to call patterns and spikes
  • Data-driven engagement with transparent reporting
  • Connect, coach, and cultivate front-line experts
  • Supervisor and team-driven remote engagement practices
  • Balanced scorecard with real-time monitoring
  • Cloud-based platform enables secure work-from-home environments
  • Enforce clean desk and data security policies, remotely
  • Confirm identity with biometric scanning

Homesourcing is the future of technology-enabled, expert-driven, secure customer engagement that is always on, no matter what.

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