Transform complex workflow into easy, step-by-step solutions
Smart Guidance for Support Interactions

Why Guided Paths®

Guided Paths are modular, snap-together problem resolution workflows that reflect the best practices of your support organization. Each Guided Path takes a complex workflow and transforms it into a step-by-step solution based on the most up-to-date knowledge and effective techniques your best support reps and subject matter experts are using today.

Build them. Use them. Analyze the results. Make them better. Repeat.

We designed Guided Paths with three goals in mind. First, they had to deliver superior customer service. Second, they had to deliver hard benefits to the support center from a management perspective. Third, they had to be so easy to create and deploy that no IT support whatsoever would be required.


Using Guided Paths

Guided Paths in Cloud applications

With Agent Support, Guided Paths can include advanced remote diagnostics, SeeSupport access, automated fixes, multimedia demos and tutorials, even other Guided Paths…all presented to your support team exactly when they need them.

With Self-Support, Guided Paths are also made available directly to your customer in a self-service environment enabling you to
 leverage the same actionable guidance based on your support team’s best practices.

Decision Points & Dynamic Decision Points Cloud now assists support teams with even more complex workflow logic than ever before by incorporating decision points, or branching logic, into Guided Paths. Decision Points allow support teams to use Guided Paths to easily and intuitively represent complex types of processes without having to invest in additional, cumbersome tools to build and maintain decision trees.

Branching capabilities for complex logic

Decision Points and Dynamic Decision Points provide the logic–based intelligence and synchronization that drive successful customer support interactions:

  • Assist support teams with even more complex workflow logic by incorporating Decision Points, or branching logic, into Guided Paths. 
  • Decision Points allow support teams to use Guided Paths to easily and intuitively represent complex types of processes without having to invest in additional, cumbersome tools to build and maintain decision trees.
  • Take Decision Points to the next level with Dynamic Decision Points. Find the existing, disparate customer information you need, without having to ask the customer for it.
  • Dynamic Decision Points are synergistic and capable of querying multiple external systems for data. No “swivel chairing” required.  
  • Navigate customer interactions according to the data Dynamic Decision Points provide – writing the data into external systems based on agent workflow and optimizing future customer interactions. 

Interaction Analytics

Insights into all support interactions

Guided Paths allow for tracking every step of every support interaction enabling powerful data analysis to help you spotlight your best processes, find and remove bottlenecks, and even pinpoint flaws in the products you’re supporting. Interaction Analytics provide the information you need to continually optimize your library of Guided Paths.

Guided Paths Designer

No IT required

Drag-and-drop functionality lets you build the right steps in the right order to create Guided Paths perfectly tailored to your specific support needs. Feedback loops let you quickly take what you’ve learned and incorporate it into new or revised Guided Paths for continuous improvement.

All the benefits of the cloud

Problems deploying frequent changes are a thing of the past. Once you build a Guided Path, publish it with a click of a button. Instantly, every support team in any location and every self-service solution deployed are working with the same approved and up-to-date content.

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