Virtual Call Center | Work From Home (WFH)

Owing to advances made possible by Internet-based telephony, Virtual Call Centers are now a possibility. It is no longer necessary for call centers to be housed in brick-and-mortar facilities. Those locations were based on the need to physically route trunk telephone lines into a central office and run hard lines to individual agent stations, with a hard-wired ACD distributing the calls. The Internet made it possible to easily route phone calls anywhere in the world, including to the homes of support agents. This “work from home” concept allows agents to work anywhere, including while traveling, affording contact center managers extraordinary levels of flexibility in hiring support reps and balancing workloads to meet fluctuating demand. Surges in demand can be met without requiring agents to report to a particular location, making it possible to bring them on-line for shorter periods of time, and with less notice. Virtual call centers also allow managers to hire the best people without regard to where they’re located.

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