With Decision Points, customers don't have to repeat case info
Guidance Workflows Based on Dynamic Data
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Intelligent Data Synchronization that Reduces Customer Effort

You don’t have to make your customers provide information that you should already know. Instead, utilize the intuitive help technology behind Dynamic Decision Points to optimize Agent Support and enhance Self-Support within your website, software, or mobile application.

About Decision Points

Support.com Cloud now assists support teams with even more complex workflow logic than ever before by incorporating decision points, or branching logic, into Guided Paths. Decision Points allow support teams to use Guided Paths to easily and intuitively represent complex types of processes without having to invest in additional, cumbersome tools to build and maintain decision trees.

Supercharged Branching Logic with Dynamic Decision Points

Dynamic Decision Points take branching logic intelligence to the next level, querying your systems for disparate customer information and producing contextually relevant next steps, all inside Support.com Cloud’s Guided Paths.

Business Benefits

  • Automatic data queries uncover new revenue opportunities, prompting agents with relevant up-sell and cross-sell information.
  • Agents ask the right questions at the right time, without making the customer repeat information already on record.
  • Personalized support based on existing customer and product data or real-time device states.
  • Customers use your product as it was intended, discovering the full brand value with the help of tailored knowledge delivery.
  • Data synchronization with external systems like your CRM or ticketing software means no agent “swivel chairing” and more efficient support.

All the benefits of the cloud

Problems deploying frequent changes are a thing of the past. Once you build a Guided Path with Dynamic Decision Points, publish it with a click of a button. Instantly, every support team in any location and every self-service solution deployed are working with the same content & workflows.

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