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Share your tech expertise

Are you a tech whisperer? Do you believe that technology helps makes your life better...but only when it works?

Share your tech expertise using our Guided Path® platform and build step-by-step instruction guides to walk through how you’ve solved tech issues from the simple to the complex. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could learn how to do a group call on FaceTime, sell skins on CS: GO, open a TMP file on their computer, setup a Plex Media Player, or create a DMZ zone on their network?
With the Guided Path® platform, you can:
  1. Write your very own Guided Paths ® optimized for desktop and mobile.
  2. Leverage an intuitive WYSIWYG editor with vast icon and image libraries.
  3. Utilize decision trees to help diagnose tech issues.
  4. Partner with an Editor to revise and refine the guide.
  5. Monitor your published articles including views and upvotes.

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