Internet of Things remote support software
Offer your users one-touch access to award-winning Cloud tech support
tools from right inside your consumer or business IoT app
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Imagine being able to quickly and easily embed an entire suite of advanced tech support functions into your iOS or Android® app or your web site.

You don’t have to imagine anymore. Now developers of any Internet of Things (IoT) or other mobile or web application can easily offer their end users one-touch connection to tech support for:

The only Internet of Things remote support software
that works in combination with Guided Paths®

Touch a button and help is at hand

You can place a “Get Support” icon anywhere in your app. Name it whatever you want. Even have it match your brand. One touch and your user is chatting with your support team, without ever leaving the app.

With the user’s permission, your customer support rep can then use our pioneering Cloud software to connect to the device, collect a wide variety of status and diagnostic information, even view the user’s screen.


Once an issue has been identified, your customer support rep can resolve it as though she were holding the device in her own hands.

Customer support reps can configure email or WiFi, upgrade or upload additional software, adjust settings, or walk the user through how to better use the device while they watch the screen together, all with strong two-way encryption. (Specific functions are dependent on the operating system and device; table below.)

“The ability to provide these capabilities natively in mobile apps, the primary interface to most IoT solutions, is a major step in implementing’s vision to support the Internet of Things.”

Chris Koverman
VP Product & Engineering,

The only Internet of Things remote support software that works in combination with Guided Paths®

There is a tremendous competitive advantage to providing tech support using Guided Paths, the logic-based intelligence that sits at the heart of Cloud and provides contextual, step-by-step guidance for even the most complex customer issues. In combination with the advanced functionality enabled by the Cloud SDK, Guided Paths produce dramatic reductions in the time required to resolve issues, and they virtually eliminate the need for second and third calls.

For issues not related to the smartphone or tablet, such as wiring problems with home entertainment systems or switch settings on hardware, the SeeSupport remote video support service is available as part of the embedded suite. The user just points his smartphone or tablet camera at the problem and your customer support rep or sees exactly what the user is seeing.


Here’s a summary of features that Cloud SDK embeds into your app:

Application developers can download the SDK free of charge directly from the developer site:

Contact us for more information on Cloud SDK or to schedule a demo.

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