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Ways to Make Your Android™ Smartphone Experience Better

cosmosfphoneSmartphones are one of the most popular gadgets on the market. If you are a smartphone user, you are well aware of its benefits, but have you ever wondered what can make your smartphone experience even better?

1. Longer Battery Life: One thing that you may want from your Android smartphone is a good battery life. Unfortunately, a vast majority of smartphones do not live up to that expectation. Of course, there are genuine reasons behind that; for instance, high-resolution displays, connectivity gears such as Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, 3G/4G data connections, and GPS are just a few examples of things that drain your battery.  In order to get a longer battery life, you have to do a number of things manually:

  • Reduce the phone’s screen brightness when your battery is running out.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, data connection, and other battery draining features when not needed.

2. Performance: Do youremember how fast your smartphone was when you first bought it? Just like your PC, your smartphone also accumulates junk data through Internet browsing, installing/uninstalling applications, etc. Upon extended use of your smartphone, accumulated junk that is not cleaned will impact and hinder your smartphone’s performance. The solution here is simple! Clean your smartphone’s junk on a regular basis – i.e. your browser’s cache/history, application cache, call history, etc.

3. Security: Protecting personal information is perhaps one of the most important concerns among smartphone users. With dozens of applications installed, it can become quite tough to keep track of what personal information you have shared with which applications and services.

Doing all the above manually can be very time consuming, but there is good news: has designed a new Android application, Cosmos™ for Smartphones that optimizes your phone’s battery, cleans junk data, and protects your privacy in just few taps for FREE!

Cosmos For Smartphones Can Make Your Life Easier!

Cosmos for Smartphones is an all-in-one optimization tool for your Android smartphone. It has three powerful modules to help you optimize your smartphone’s battery, clean accumulated junk, and protect your privacy!


  • Battery Optimizer:Battery Optimizer helps you manage your Android smartphone’s battery life with just one tap! The Battery Optimizer’s advanced battery saving algorithm monitors your smartphone’s battery consumption and juice-draining components, and it automatically adjusts system settings. It offers three different battery optimization profiles to help you control the battery discharge speed on your smartphone. You can switch between Balanced, Power Saver, and Extreme profiles depending upon the amount of battery left on your smartphone.
  • Trash Cleaner:Trash Cleaner helps you free up storage space on your Android smartphone by cleaning junk accumulated by installed/running applications. Trash Cleaner seamlessly cleans application cache, browser history, and call history with just one tap!
  • Privacy Scanner:Privacy Scanner scans your Android smartphone and provides you a comprehensive list of potential privacy issues. This helps you assess the amount of information/permission you are providing to each application on your smartphone.

Cosmos for Smartphones is absolutely free, has no ads, and is ready to install from Google Play™. Go download a copy of Cosmos for Smartphones today. Alternately, if you have your Android smartphone right in front of you and have a barcode scanner app installed, you can download the Cosmos for Smartphones app on Google Play by scanning the following QR code.



Ways to Make Your Android™ Smartphone Experience Better
Article Name
Ways to Make Your Android™ Smartphone Experience Better
If you are a smartphone user, you are well aware of its benefits, but have you ever wondered what can make your smartphone experience even better?
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