Remote Control in Today’s Connected World
Remote Control in Today’s Connected World

There are dozens of ways to provide tech support to today’s savvy customers. When everything else fails, though, customers typically fall back on Old Reliable, the telephone. Unfortunately, support over the phone, as straightforward as it seems, still involves all sorts of limitations. Most obviously, there is a great gulf separating the support agent from […]

“Company of the Year” Award and the Research Behind it was recently honored as “2014 Company of the Year” for Support Interaction Optimization (SIO) by Frost & Sullivan. As you can imagine, we are thrilled with the award and would like to tell you more. But we thought you’d appreciate hearing directly from the source. In its Best Practices Research, Frost & Sullivan defined […] President and CEO Elizabeth Cholawsky talks about winning Frost & Sullivan’s “Company of the Year” award

Last week I attended a black-tie gala in San Diego to receive, on behalf of, one of the business world’s most prestigious honors, a Frost & Sullivan “Best Practices” award. We were named “Company of the Year” in the Support Interaction Optimization (SIO) space and, while that on its face is pretty thrilling in […]

How Prepared Are You to Deliver Support to a Connected World?

The world is more connected today than ever before. With the rise in mobile devices and connected consumer electronics, broadband households in the US now own an average of seven connected devices (“The Internet of Things” Parks Associates). Many households are connected with a laptop or desktop computer and of course mobile devices, but in […]

The Human Support Experience that Tech-Savvy Consumers Crave

The tech support landscape is changing rapidly. To understand the latest trends and their implications, take a look at your customers. Today’s tech-savvy consumers have unique needs and high expectations that redefine how successful companies manage their tech support services. Most importantly, while consumers may be more technically proficient than ever, the desire for a […]

How “Support Interaction Optimization” Will Reshape the World of Customer Support

One of the most exciting parts of running a company involves helping it keep its bearings while its industry undergoes a fundamental transformation. Which is why I’m proud to be at as it takes a leadership position in Support Interaction Optimization, a new industry category that responds to tectonic marketplace shifts by bringing sophisticated […]

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