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Just seeing those words causes angst whether you are a consumer seeking help or the director of support within an organization charged with providing that help. Slip on the consumer shoes: by the time you are looking for the contact us information, it is likely you have spent effort and time to try and fix […]

What I’m grateful for at

I’ll admit that I didn’t want to write this blog post. It’s my first post here at, and the first one is always the toughest. As a product manager, you’re measured by the success of your product and the happiness of your customers. While we’re just supposed to bring the donuts to the team […]

Pit Bulls and Field Support

In an earlier blog post, I discussed needing a technician in my home to solve a problem and the impact this has on your margins. However, the level of customer effort involved in having a technician in the home can impact the perception of the quality of support provided. Field support calls aren’t just expensive […]

Your Truck Rolled Over My Margin

An on-site visit is an instant hit to your margins. A second technician visit may even put you in the red for that customer. The more visits required to solve a single problem means the customer’s level of irritation increases making the job of the technician that much more difficult costing you money and not […]

“Language” is the problem when a new technology hits the mainstream

“Language Alignment” – If you’ve been working in the support world for any length of time, you already know what I mean… you may even have let out an audible groan. When you don’t have eyes on the problem, language itself becomes part of the problem. The phrase “Lingua Franca” has come to mean a […]

It’s not a sale until the customer decides to keep it

Success can actually drive return rates higher for companies that are not prepared to support new purchases. Generally speaking, marketing campaigns focus on sales conversions without considering post-sale problems. In the age of online shopping and the Internet of Things (IoT), the new final stage of the sales cycle is the point at which the […]

The People’s Republic of Tritanopia

If the agent had a way to securely receive an image sent from the customer’s cell phone, the problem would have been revealed. The yellow wire was where the white wire should be and vice versa. But the agent didn’t know that, and neither did the customer. After a few tries at the same instructions […]

It’s Time to Open Your Eyes

From the ancient stories of Perseus and the Graeae to the modern CIA’s Stargate Project, humans have longed for the ability to see far away places and events in real time. The dream of remote viewing is as old as humanity itself. Now that we are all walking around with what is essentially a full-blown […]

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