’s “Secret Shopper” IoT Support Experiment’s “Secret Shopper” IoT Support Experiment

Early in 2015 a small group of people at decided to see firsthand how the home automation segment of the Internet of Things was being supported. You can read all the details here, but let me give you a brief overview of the basic findings. I’ll start with a really brief overview: It was […]

Redefining Support for a Connected IoT World

Imagine this a few years from now: Xfinity has updated their Android app. The update requires an OS upgrade, which hasn’t yet been pushed to the phone by your mobile carrier. Without the new upgrade, your Xfinity app no longer controls your connected TV services correctly. You’re impatiently searching in the app for the customer […]

How Prepared Are You to Deliver Support to a Connected World?

The world is more connected today than ever before. With the rise in mobile devices and connected consumer electronics, broadband households in the US now own an average of seven connected devices (“The Internet of Things” Parks Associates). Many households are connected with a laptop or desktop computer and of course mobile devices, but in […]

The Human Support Experience that Tech-Savvy Consumers Crave

The tech support landscape is changing rapidly. To understand the latest trends and their implications, take a look at your customers. Today’s tech-savvy consumers have unique needs and high expectations that redefine how successful companies manage their tech support services. Most importantly, while consumers may be more technically proficient than ever, the desire for a […]

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