Questioning Frequently Asked Questions
Questioning Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time to question the usefulness of Frequently Asked Questions. Here’s my problem with FAQs. Most of the time, they were written by people in the Marketing or Product department but reside under the Support or Help section of your website. I know: I have written them when I was working at a previous employer. […]

A Foundation for Dynamic Support

It’s been said that the only thing that is constant is change. This is especially true when supporting customers in the new world of interconnected devices. Solutions that work at this moment can change in the next as interoperability issues, security threats, and software updates barrage the consumer. The foundation of the customer support architecture […]

Contact Us

Just seeing those words causes angst whether you are a consumer seeking help or the director of support within an organization charged with providing that help. Slip on the consumer shoes: by the time you are looking for the contact us information, it is likely you have spent effort and time to try and fix […]

Automating the Last Frontier of Customer Tech Support

As each of us can personally attest, customer relationships can be built or broken during support calls. A company needs to use the best hiring and training techniques, then augment them with the best support software, if it wants to rise above the competition and improve the bottom line. In this white paper we look […]

Crossing the chasm for the Internet of Things

Note: This article originally appeared on the blog on September 21, 2015. It has been edited from its original version. The industry has made some progress in the last two years but I find the five key challenges still relevant. I think you will too. In “Crossing the Chasm“, Geoffrey Moore describes the lifecycle […]

What I’m grateful for at

I’ll admit that I didn’t want to write this blog post. It’s my first post here at, and the first one is always the toughest. As a product manager, you’re measured by the success of your product and the happiness of your customers. While we’re just supposed to bring the donuts to the team […]

Pit Bulls and Field Support

In an earlier blog post, I discussed needing a technician in my home to solve a problem and the impact this has on your margins. However, the level of customer effort involved in having a technician in the home can impact the perception of the quality of support provided. Field support calls aren’t just expensive […]

Playing the Blame Game

I love technology. My friends are not the least bit surprised when they walk in my house and the lights automatically turn on, or when I use voice commands to control a wide range of devices that punctuate my space. My best friend walked into the house over the weekend and to my dismay, my […]

Personalized Customer Support: A Look Inside Intelligent Data Synchronization

During a customer support call, don’t make your customers tell your agents information that you should already know. It seems like a simple mandate, but many companies are still struggling to make support delivery a painless, personalized experience that gets customers to resolution as fast as possible. In my blog post from October, Make Your […]

CES 2017 – Spotlight on the Future of Tech Support

Every year in January, Las Vegas plays host to one of the largest trade events in the world — the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This global gathering of consumer technologies draws more than 175,000 people to look at the latest and greatest in tech offerings. Products range from new and improved home appliances to incredible […]

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