Automating the Last Frontier of Customer Tech Support
Automating the Last Frontier of Customer Tech Support

As each of us can personally attest, customer relationships can be built or broken during support calls. A company needs to use the best hiring and training techniques, then augment them with the best support software, if it wants to rise above the competition and improve the bottom line. In this white paper we look […]

Personalized Customer Support: A Look Inside Intelligent Data Synchronization

During a customer support call, don’t make your customers tell your agents information that you should already know. It seems like a simple mandate, but many companies are still struggling to make support delivery a painless, personalized experience that gets customers to resolution as fast as possible. In my blog post from October, Make Your […]

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Remote Video Support

We live in an era of “right now.” So why should customers settle for anything less when it comes to getting support for their products? Something that’s been making a splash in the world of customer support as of late is remote video support. It lets customer support reps see the problem in real time […]

October 21 DDoS Attack: Why This One Was Different

A Denial of Service (DoS) attack is simple in concept: A malicious party sends millions of innocent-looking requests to a company’s website in an attempt to so overwhelm the server that it not only has difficulty responding to legitimate requests, it crashes altogether. Think of a mob of thousands of pranksters trying to cram their […]

Why What we’ve Always Done won’t Work Anymore: The Special Challenge of Launching Products for the IoT

Like a car with an engine too powerful for its frame, much of today’s Internet of Things technology seems to be outstripping our capacity to use it effectively. Even at this early stage, predictions of continuing double-digit expansion in adoption of new connected devices are showing signs of being wildly optimistic: The enthusiasm shown by […]’s “Secret Shopper” IoT Support Experiment

Early in 2015 a small group of people at decided to see firsthand how the home automation segment of the Internet of Things was being supported. You can read all the details here, but let me give you a brief overview of the basic findings. I’ll start with a really brief overview: It was […]

Optimizing Your Contact Center Tech Support Interactions – Part 2

Last week I wrote – in Part 1 of this three-part blog series, – about providing real-time guidance to tech support representatives, and how this is the next big thing for contact centers. In fact, on-screen guided support is already provided to the reps of many brands that garner high customer ratings. Whether it’s break-fix […]

Top Picks at the ICMI Contact Center Expo and Conference

The team is headed to Orlando for the ICMI Contact Center Expo and Conference May 4th – 7th and we hope to see you there! This year’s conference combines the best of all worlds – a huge expo hall with some of the best contact center technology and service providers and product-free sessions for […]

How to Improve Satisfaction with Self-Service Support

It’s a customer-centric world, and your customers are increasingly turning to self-service options first when they require tech support. In fact, according to Forrester’s North American Technographics Customer Experience Online Survey, a whopping 72% of customers prefer to resolve support issues on their own, rather than picking up the phone or sending an email. Does […]

The Importance of Cloud-Based Services for SMBs

In recent years, there has been acceleration in the adoption of cloud-based services in the small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) sector allowing SMBs to not only enhance their IT capabilities but to also access reliable, cost-effective, and scalable IT infrastructure resources. According to a Microsoft® survey conducted by Edge Strategies last year, 50% of SMBs say cloud-based services […]

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