Reinventing Tech Support for a Connected World Part 2 – Tech Support and the Customer Journey
Reinventing Tech Support for a Connected World Part 2 – Tech Support and the Customer Journey

In Part One of our three part blog series about Reinventing Tech Support for a Connected World, we explored the tech support spectrum and the impact of live support on brand visibility.  Even more critical is ensuring the customer experience is a positive one; in a world where social media is ever present, the consumers’ voice is […]

Reinventing Tech Support for a Connected World Part 1 – The Tech Support Spectrum and Brand Visibility

While the term “tech support” isn’t typically considered a strategic differentiator of a product or service, every support call, live chat, or email presents a powerful opportunity to foster long-term relationships with customers.  In our three part blog series, we’ll explore how companies can tackle the challenge of tech support and customer service in a […]

The Need for Premium Tech Support Services in Digitally-Connected SMBs

A myriad of new technologies including mobile devices, cloud-based applications, and non-traditional computing platforms have made offices more digitally connected than ever before. This blog post discusses how digitally-connected offices have increased the need for premium tech support services for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Key Technology Challenges  Businesses of all sizes face the same […]

Technology Services Continue to Grow, Driven by Home Networking and Customer Experience

The growth in the usage of mobile devices and cloud-based services by consumers and small businesses, coupled with the rapid adoption of wireless networking, is driving the market for technology services. “In today’s world, customer experience has become paramount to every business’s success,” said James Morehead, Vice President Product Management and Corporate Marketing, “With […]

The Importance of Cloud-Based Services for SMBs

In recent years, there has been acceleration in the adoption of cloud-based services in the small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) sector allowing SMBs to not only enhance their IT capabilities but to also access reliable, cost-effective, and scalable IT infrastructure resources. According to a Microsoft® survey conducted by Edge Strategies last year, 50% of SMBs say cloud-based services […]

Technology Challenges Beyond the PC and Into the Network

The adoption of connected technology is accelerating. It was less than twenty years ago when homes and businesses started to experience the World Wide Web, over slow dial-up connections, tethered by a cable. Since then the diversity and complexity of technology has exploded, with just about every device – from the home office to the […]

How Service Programs Drive Product Differentiation and Higher Margins

In today’s increasingly saturated and competitive marketplace, with rising costs and decreasing profits, many product-dominant companies have expanded their focus to include service programs. Nordstrom, a retailer that has been recognized for its customer service quality on a number of occasions, makes this observation: “We continue to believe that the service experience we offer our […]

The Emergence of the SMB IT Market For National Technology Brands

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) play a significant role in growing the economy, and are a crucial contributor to the GDP. There has been an unprecedented increase in the small business market in recent years. Approximately 75 percent of all businesses in North America are classified as SMBs. With technology emerging as a key driver, the demand […]

Rejuvenate Your PC with Cosmos™ System Care

Over time, your computer accumulates junk data, such as temporary Internet and Windows files, invalid and obsolete registry entries, remnants of uninstalled programs, and many other unnecessary files that eventually make your computer sluggish and unresponsive. In order to get the most out of your computer, it may need optimization to keep it healthy and […]

Ways to Make Your Android™ Smartphone Experience Better

Smartphones are one of the most popular gadgets on the market. If you are a smartphone user, you are well aware of its benefits, but have you ever wondered what can make your smartphone experience even better? 1. Longer Battery Life: One thing that you may want from your Android smartphone is a good battery life. Unfortunately, a […]

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