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Announcing SupportCam™ “Eyes on the Problem”

Doing the tech-trouble twist?

You’re standing with your torso twisted, staring at the ports on the back of your TV. User manuals, cables and a cable router are strewn over the floor of your living room. You’ve read that you have to connect the cables to the boxes in a certain order, but you’ve done it twice and it’s still not working. And (ugh) the thought of calling the tech support line makes you cringe. “I should be able to figure this out,” you say to yourself. “And if I call, I’m going to have try to explain all these things I’ve done and describe the things the support rep can’t see. It’s going to take forever…I’m going for a run.”

This kind of scene happens thousands of times a day throughout the world. But what if the tech support representative could see, without actually being there, exactly what the customer is looking at?

Now she can.

Today we’re proud to launch SupportCam™ – the world’s first remote video support service integrated with Nexus®, the Support Interaction Optimization solution (SIO) that delivers customized, best-practice guidance directly to the support rep while she is connected to the customer.

Now, any tech support rep using SupportCam can simply ask the customer to point his Apple® or Android™ smart phone or tablet camera at whatever the rep needs to see – offline products, ports on a hub, wiring on the back of a television, or indicator lights on a connected device. And all it takes is a free app that the customer can quickly install during the call or chat. No in-home service call required. No lengthy question-and-guess sessions like, “Well, the blue cable is connected to this port that kind of looks like a USB port but isn’t; what is it?” (“Well, it sounds like it could be an HDMI port. Is it bigger than a USB port?”)

SeeSupport interface view

“Eyes on the Problem” integrated with live agent guidance

SupportCam is unique in the support marketplace because it is part of Nexus, the cloud-based software that functions like a GPS for support agents. SupportCam works seamlessly with Nexus Guided Paths™, which are at the heart of Nexus’ ability to provide expert guidance to support representatives during live customer interactions.

The capabilities that SupportCam brings are vital in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), where the number of connected devices is projected to reach as high as 50 billion by 2020. The complexity the typical consumer is already facing will grow exponentially with the explosion in connected devices.

As experienced support representatives well know, most consumers are not familiar with technical terminology or equipment. They find it exasperating to describe what wire is attached where and exactly which lights are steady or blinking. Without Nexus and SupportCam, that frustration will only grow.

Built from first-hand experience

SupportCam was designed based on the day-to-day experiences of our actual contact center representatives. Our agents handle more than 20,000 calls a day on behalf of some of the most recognized brands in cable and retail. This uniquely qualifies us to understand the three dimensions of support: the customer’s, the representative’s and the contact center manager’s.

Nexus also captures valuable data on usage of SupportCam, providing analytical insights to contact center management about when and for how long SupportCam was used, and in which types of support issues. This allows managers to continually optimize the support process and further customize their Guided Paths, which can lead to much higher levels of customer satisfaction at far lower costs. SupportCam can also record the interaction for later review of the support session, for coaching and training purposes.

SupportCam dramatically decreases the overall load on the support function, and greatly reduces frustration on all sides, promoting higher customer satisfaction, increased brand loyalty and product retention as well as repeat purchases.

We believe life is better when technology does what it’s supposed to do. SupportCam is one more way in which we try to make that happen for everyone.

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Announcing SupportCam™ “Eyes on the Problem”
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Announcing SupportCam™ “Eyes on the Problem”
Doing the tech-trouble twist?
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