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Our alliance program offers four partnership opportunities to help you take advantage of our award-winning Cloud for customer service and support. These programs deliver competitive revenue generation and all the tools and support you need to be successful. Whether your company wants to participate in a referral program or sell Cloud together with your own products or services, we want to help you deliver value to your customers.

To achieve our goal of providing a partnership option that strengthens your position in the market, we offer four categories of partnering:

1. Referral Partners

2. Solution Providers

3. Resellers

4. Technology Partners

Referral Partners

You get us up to bat. We’ll hit it out of the park.

The referral partnership program was designed for fast acceleration. If you are excited by the value Cloud offers for improving service delivery, we make it easy for you to register and introduce us to your network. We take care of selling the software or services, collecting the revenue and ensuring a happy customer. arms you with everything you need to be able to quickly identify opportunities that have the potential to generate revenue for you.

Solution Providers

As good as you are, we can make you better.

Solution Providers are organizations that see an opportunity to add value by selling Cloud together with consulting services or complementary software. Solution Providers own the customer relationship, selling the software without having to take on the responsibility of invoicing or collections. Solution Providers support the customer with on-boarding, training and help with optimal Guided Paths® design and deployment. We have your back with marketing, sales training, technical product training and escalation support. And you have all the access to Cloud software you need for demo purposes.


Do your own thing with our things. Cloud Resellers grow a strong ongoing revenue stream by adding Cloud to their solutions. Whether an organization is a synergistic software company, a vertical solution provider or system integrator, there is opportunity to create a robust practice around our industry-leading software. Our Resellers own all aspects of selling, invoicing, supporting and maintaining customers. The result is an ongoing revenue stream. is committed to supporting Resellers with marketing, sales training and technical product training. You get a rich set of templates, tools and, of course, access to Cloud software for demo purposes.

Technology Partners

Getting better together. Cloud Technology Partners are organizations with software solutions that certifies to integrate with our cloud platform. Whether your focus is CRM/ticketing, self-service, knowledge management, virtual agenting, IoT platform infrastructure, or something new and potentially disruptive you created from scratch, we want to hear about it.

Our Partners:



The Enterprise IoT Technology Platform is fully integrated with ThingWorx, allowing customers to access support via a widget that appears in their browser-based apps.



Enterprise IoT Platform & Professional Services

Exosite’s cloud-based services enable the world’s leading manufacturers to quickly build and deploy connected solutions.



The IoT Platform Chosen by Trusted Brands

Arrayent, the IoT platform that enables the world’s most trusted brands to deliver connected products to consumers, trusts to provide the tools to support those consumers.


The Future of MVNO Enablement

Designed for mobile from the ground up, BeQuick is a powerful hosted back office service that enables the management and monetization of the entire subscriber lifecycle for MVNOs.



Ecommerce for Software & Services

RevenueWire is a global ecommerce platform specifically designed for companies that sell digital products online.

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