Clean & Repair Registry

Clean and Repair Your Windows® Registry

Two ways we can help – clean up your computer yourself with ARO® or call 1-800 PC SUPPORT (1-800-727-8776) for help with cleaning your registry and keeping it clean.

Call 1-800-PC-Support (1-800-727-8776) to get started!
We Know How to Clean and Repair Your Computer Registry!

If you need help cleaning or repairing your computer registry, we've got you covered with state-of-the-art tech support and computer repair services.  Our Personal Technology Experts® know computers inside-out. offers a better solution. We can help you right now, 24/7, over your broadband Internet connection. There’s no need to invite strangers into your home, or be locked into someone else’s timetable.

Cleaning Your Registry is Critical!

Your Windows XP, Windows Vista® or Windows 7 registry is critical to the correct operation of your computer, devices and installed applications.  The registry contains settings, configurations, preferences, file locations and many other items that your computer depends on to function correctly.  Only computer experts should directly edit the computer registry (using the Windows utility regedit) - and if you need to edit a registry setting always make a backup first.

Download ARO 2013 or call 1-800-PC-SUPPORT and let us help you today.

How We Help - 24/7, at Your Convenience
We're here 24/7 as your remote Registry Clean & Repair help. Just call one of our Personal Technology Experts and we’ll handle everything. The entire process is easy. After you call, one of our Tech Experts will start remotely scanning your computer right away. By using only your Internet connection, we can fix just about any problem you may have—big or small. We're here to help you get the most from your technology. Also, by calling, there’s no need to go out to a local support center or invite strangers to your home. You’re free to just sit back and relax after we start.

Who We Are - Why We're Better offers the top-notch support you’ve been looking for.  We've been helping people solve their computer problems since 1998.

Before they can help fix your computer, all of our Personal Technology Experts® must first earn their title by passing a series of incredibly rigorous tests. By doing this, assures you that you’re getting the best customer support possible.

From driver problems to stubborn viruses to a slow computer, if you have a problem with your laptop, desktop or peripheral device, don't wait another minute— can help you right now.

Call and get the technical support you need.

Call 1-800-PC-Support (1-800-727-8776) to get started!