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Nexus® Service Platform

Powering Technology Support for a Connected World

Nexus® Service Platform enables companies to resolve connected technology issues quickly, boost support productivity, and dramatically improve customer experience. Nexus Service Platform is the choice of 3 of the top 5 cable companies in North America, many of the top US retailers with consumer tech support programs, and other leading brands in software and connected technology.

The cloud-based Nexus Service Platform enables groundbreaking levels of automation and analytics that radically improve customer experience and operational performance.

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Nexus Features

Nexus Cloud Platform Diagram

Automated Workflow

Nexus is the only software to provide patent-pending workflow automation that codifies the best practices of your highest-performing techs and ensures compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  • Solve customer problems faster and on the first try.
  • Onboard support agents faster.
  • Increase Net Promoter Scores.
  • Create new Workflows easily and without coding.

Data Analytics

Nexus’ leading-edge data architecture brings Big Data to technology support, and includes built-in analytic capabilities, capturing business insights from rich data captured during service delivery.

  • Real-time reporting and business intelligence dashboard.
  • Rich analytical tools.
  • Advanced performance tracking.


Nexus enables custom-branded, turnkey premium support programs to drive recurring revenue streams, execute ecommerce transactions, and manage subscriptions.

  • Single platform for ecommerce.
  • Manage recurring billing for subscriptions and software.
  • Offer flexible bundles.
  • Enhance current marketing strategy.

Remote Support
Remote Support is the leader in remote tech support technology, powering support programs for many of the country’s leading brands and providing the data and tools needed to manage programs at scale.

  • Multi-platform remote support.
  • Fully embedded remote access and control capabilities.
  • Connect every time.
  • Integrated data and recordings.

The Nexus Service Platform includes mobile, desktop, and networking apps for end users.

  • Seamless subscriber experience with® EasySupport.
  • Drive services and upsells with Health Check.
  • Protect with SUPERAntiSpyware®.


Nexus Service Platform is built on leading-edge cloud architecture, designed from the ground up for technology support
in mission-critical environments.

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