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Top 5 Ways to Organize Your MP3 Files

Posted on: 08/29/10

The MP3 audio format is the standard for digital audio playback and storage. If you have a large collection of MP3 music stored on your computer, chances are they are spread out in folders all over your computer’s hard drive. Here are top five quick ways to get your MP3 files organized:


1. Follow a directory structure: When you download MP3 files from the Internet or burn them from your CD (or other sources), create folders and sub-folders to store them in. If possible, dedicate an entire hard drive partition to store all your music folders. When your MP3 files are stored in well structured directories, it’s much easier for you to find them quickly.


2. Remove duplicate files: When you have thousands of MP3 files on your computer, you may have a few duplicate files as well. Having several copies of the same song unnecessarily occupies disk space. Finding and deleting these duplicates is manual and very tedious and you can run the risk of deleting non-duplicate files by mistake. So we’d recommend you to use third party software that will help you find and remove duplicate MP3 files efficiently.


3. Rename your files: When you download songs to your computer, you’ll probably run into file names like 733_hotel_carli_eagles.mp3 or hotel_carlifornia_TRACK1_.mp3. This can get confusing and difficult to find later on. Rename files as soon as you download them so they can be easily identified. You can use a third party software to rename already existing MP3 files.


4. Edit ID3 Tags: An ID3 tag is a type of metadata container that stores information about an MP3 file like the artist, album name, song name, track number and other important details. Every MP3 file has built-in fields for ID3 tags and is used extensively by many media players and programs like Winamp and Apple iTunes to manage them. Unfortunately, not every MP3 file on your computer have ID3 tags properly embedded, but for those that exist, you can easily edit ID3 tags using software like Audacity , Cool Edit, Winamp or iTunes.


5. Use a third party MP3 organizer: There are many third party MP3 organizers out there which you can use to create a good system for all your MP3 files. Most of them not only organize, but also features playback, file format conversion, built-in tools to edit ID3 tags and normalize MP3 volume levels.


There are many third party solutions out there, but it may take a trial and error to find the best one for you. If you find it difficult to manage your MP3 files and need assistance, give a Personal Technology Expert a call at 1-800-PC-Support (1-800-727-8776). We’re looking forward to help you get the most out of your MP3 files.

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