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How to Set Up Skype on Your Computer

Posted on: 10/18/10

Skype is one of the most popular and preeminent VoIP communication client out there. It’s not just an instant messaging tool, but also offers free Internet phone calls and video calls. If you have not set up a Skype account, here is a quick guide to setup and configure Skype on your computer.



What You Need?



  • A Windows, Mac or Linux-based computer
  • An Internet connection; preferably broadband
  • A microphone for audio calls
  • An integrated/external webcam for video calls


Download and Installation


Visit the Skype’s download page and download the setup file for your operating system.


skype setup

Run the Skype setup file that you have just downloaded. Make sure you’re connected to Internet as Skype may need to download other installation files over the Internet. If you’ve downloaded the Skype offline installer, the installation doesn’t require any online activity. Follow the setup wizard to complete the installation.


Skype should now be installed and ready to use.


Registration/ Login


Upon successful installation, a Skype window will appear. If you have never used Skype before, and don’t have a Skype Account, Click on the ‘Don’t have a Skype Name?’ link.



Type in appropriate details in the ‘Create a new Skype account’ form, and click the ‘I agree – create account’ button. Make sure to jot down your Skype name and password!



After creating your new Skype account, you’re now ready to login to Skype. Type in your Skype Name, Password and hit the Sign In button.

Caution:Do not check ‘Sign me in when Skype starts’ checkbox if you’re using a public or shared computer.



Adding contacts


To add a new contact, Click the Contacts menu and select New Contact.


Type in the Skype Name (if you know), full name or email address and click the Find button.



If you believe you've found your friend you’re looking for, Select the contact name and click the Add contact button.



Click the Send button in the next step to confirm your friend request. You can also include a message. Once your friend accepts your request, you’ll be able to connect anytime you’re logged into Skype. Repeat the steps above to add more contacts.


Instant Messaging


To send instant text messages to your friend, log in to Skype and double click on the contact name you want send messages to. A new window will appear. Type your message and hit the Enter key. Your friend will receive your message instantly if he/she is online.




Audio/Video Setting


Skype also allows you to make audio calls and video calls. Make sure you configure your microphone and your webcam by clicking on Tools > Options > General > Audio Settings / Video settings.




Skype-to Skype calling


The Skype-to Skype calling feature allows you to talk to any of your Skype contacts for free. To make a Skype-to-Skype call, double click on the contact name and click the green phone icon.




Skype-to Phone calling


Skype also allow calls to landlines and mobile phones for a nominal fee. Before you make a landline or mobile phone call, you’ll need to purchase Skype credit. To buy Skype credit, click Skype menu > Buy Skype Credit.




Video Call


With Skype, you can also make video calls, given you have a webcam installed and configured. To make a video call, click the green Video call button.



There are several other great Skype features including  screen sharing, file transfers, etc... If you need help setting up Skype or have trouble configuring it, give a call at 1-800-PC-Support (1-800-727-8776).

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